Dayton, OH

Columbus, OH

Baton Rouge, LA

Just had our driveway done today. The finished product is everything I expected to see. Morris was easy to work with and explained the entire process in detail.

The work crew was courteous and professional. It is obvious they are not new to this process. The work was done quickly and efficiently.

I have a work background in hiring contractors for the federal government and was outside watching the entire job start to finish. Don't hesitate to hire them, you will be pleased that you did.

David Lombardo

Very happy with my driveway. It was needed for a long time, and after getting quotes for concrete and asphalt, went with the chip seal paving for the cost. Very happy and the team was excellent.

Marilyn Bolinger

We started using chip and seal paving 7 years ago when we got overwhelmed with work so we sub contracted chip and seal paving out of Dayton ohio to help us we love working with Morris and his son Gabe and know when we pass our work out to them the job is gonna get done right

Psa Paving

Would recommend Chip Seal Paving very prompt & professional

job was completed just as the owner said it would be !!!!! Materials & crew were very professional & knew what they were doing

Betty Harrison

Hired them to do some work we weren't able to keep up with they did an excellent job they were great company to work with!!!

Asphalt Paving

Very happy with the end result and the quality of their work. Highly recommend them.

Aaron Havens

I had the chipseal process done on my gravel driveway. They carefully filled and graded the the existing surface and put a new coating of liquid asphalt and gravel down. The crew was skilled and professional. The job was completed with great attention to detail and my driveway looks fantastic. I highly recommend this business.

Jimmy Johnson

Morris communicated the process every step of the way. His crew was on site bright and early and working. They did me a great job, and I would recommend them to others.

James Carpenter

chip seal paving made my driveway look awesome. . The guys were great at their job they were informative and very courteous.

Melinda Wells

We Had our driveway chip sealed in Dayton And was very pleased with the work and they had provided

I would recommend Chip Seal Paving company to anyone

Samuel Curtis

Excellent job of Chip Seal on our old gravel driveway. Very please and would certainly recommend

Darlene Welling

Excellent job on my driveway

Elisha Herrin

Excellent work with great quality materials. Very professional and respectful!

Highly recommend!!!

Keeley Vice

Chip Seal Paving did a great job on our driveway


Very satisfied with the work chip seal paving Done for me

Johnny Harrison

Very happy with driveway would recommend highly And very professional

Harry Wells