Get the Most Out of Your Paved Surfaces

Plan a tar and chip installation in Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH, Baton Rouge, LA, or McComb, MS

Your driveways, sidewalks and parking lots experience a lot of daily wear and tear. If you want these surfaces to last as long as possible, you should hire Chip Seal Paving to complete a tar and chip installation.

Tar and chip coatings are a great way to keep your concrete, blacktop, hardtop or gravel surfaces smooth and intact. Learn more about the tar and chip installation process by calling (937) 926-2650 today. We serve clients in Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH, Baton Rouge, LA, or McComb, MS.

Consider the benefits of a tar and chip coating

Wondering what a tar and chip installation can do for your surfaces? You won't hesitate to schedule an appointment once you learn that this protective sealer can...

  • Enhance the appearance of your surfaces
  • Improve traction for better safety
  • Protect the underlying surface from aging, oxidation and general wear
  • Make your paved surfaces more durable
  • Extend the service life of your pavement
It's time to give your paved surfaces some much-needed TLC. Schedule tar and chip installation services today.

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