Make Your Asphalt More Attractive

Arrange for chip seal installation or chip seal repair services in Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH, Baton Rouge, LA, and McComb, MS (Statewide Services Available)

If you want to improve the appearance of your asphalt surfaces, consider our chip seal/tar and chip, services. Chip Seal Paving provides chip seal repair services and chip seal installations in the Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH, Baton Rouge, LA, or McComb, MS areas. Chip seal, also known as tar and chip, results in durable, cost-effective and attractive surfaces. While improving the look of your driveway, parking lot or road, it will also make the surface more skid-resistant.

To learn more about chip seal / tar and chip surfaces, call us today. We can also schedule chip seal repair or installation services when you call.

Preparation is key

Our team has been resurfacing pavement with chip seal / tar and chip for over 50 years. We know how important it is to prepare your surface properly for the job. That's why we're thorough as we:


  • Do the necessary asphalt patching and repair work
  • Apply liquid asphalt to the existing blacktop
  • Spread a layer of aggregate over the liquid asphalt
  • Use a roller to compress the aggregate and asphalt

Once we've finished those steps, we have completed a flawless layer of chip seal / tar and chip asphalt. You can find out more about our professional asphalt patching and installation services by contacting us today.

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